Strike That Modelling Pose

Lights, Camera, Action….”Strike That Modelling Pose”.

Strike That Modelling Pose

The right set-up is crucial for what type of modelling shoot you are capturing. Location, Weather, Surroundings and, most importantly, making your Model feel at ease with how you work. We always recommend getting in touch with your Model before the shoot, and this enables you both to talk about what type of shoot you will be covering and precisely what the photographer and Model between them want to achieve.

Headshot On Location Photography

With all the information discussed, we need to establish what modelling subject will be photographed. Why do you need to ask that? We shall tell you. Modelling Photography is an evolving genre with so many types. Some of these are Fashion (Editorial) Modelling (Fashion Catalogue) Commercial, Promotional, and Fitness but to name a few.

Model Headshot
Model Photo Shoot
Location Model Shoot

When photographing these Modelling genres, you are not only showcasing your work as a photographer, and you are showcasing the designer’s current fashion or beauty trends, the model’s makeup, and the Model. All of this is illustrated through the photographer’s pictorial story.

Portrait Photogrqphy

Combining all of this, the person at the centre of all of this is the Model. We always ensure they are looked after and at ease with us photographing them, whether they are seasoned models or ones that are just starting (All we look for in the models that we photograph is Personality). Models come in all shapes and sizes; you should never think you are too old to take them up.

Headshot Photography

With our style of photography, we will always assist you with the correct lighting, and you never need to worry about what type of pose you should do. The ideal pose is a change in behaviour, an emotional state of mind, and observing someone else’s behaviour or the consequences surrounding it, will always result in achieving your best. We are always there for you.

Environmental Portrait Photography

If you are interested in working with us and need a portfolio put together for that all-important Agency meeting, we would love to work with you. Please get in touch via the Contact Us page or Whats App or us. You can also call us on telephone number 01322 761024.

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